Looks like we still need CTM

Based on these early screenshots, with regard to what Windows 8 can/will do.
You can see we really do still need something like Time Machine.

Windows 8 will either ■■■■ all your stuff away and reset the OS to defaults.
Or it will leave all your stuff and reset the OS to defaults.
This absolutely leaves room for the ability to undo changes in a more granular/controlled fashion, like CTM provides.

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i knew it will be like that :azn:

anyway what ctm need to be revived is a way to work without messing with the MBR
i know that is the core of ctm but is possible (test shadow defender), if ctm works at that level the it will be the best restoration program (the CTM boot console should be moved to the BCD to enter like another OS)

For a program of this nature to work (it needs to track every disk I/O movement), it has to register itself on the MBR for it to initiate before Windows. Actually there’s nothing bad as long as you learn how to restore MBR in a few extreme cases when it needs to be done !

I 100% agree that we need CTM! Actually I could not even think my computer life without it. I have tried the other options mentioned here but nothing seems to work with my machine. But CTM does its always does its job without complaints.
I will continue using it as long yhe operating systems support it.

+1000 C’mon… Bring CTM back to us!

I still need CTM since I frequently do a lot of changes to my system.

CTM should be developed; great software, and unique as well as something new.

What I would suggest is that comodo’s own products recognize it and leave it in peace, or comodo becomes a partner with a defrag company and allows them to see CTM.

Comodo should invest more time on making products on a field wheren’t many products aren’t in, like rollback software and good software for mac.

I have read somewhere that 20% of the written code needs to be changed in order to fit the wanted OS if the code is orginally written for Windows.

CTM is excellent software and it should continue with developing.

Technically, Comodo Time Machine is one of the most promising products by Comodo, CTM had saved a lot of users from unwanted changes and if Comodo would continue developing CTM it could be their next big hit since CIS.

+1 :slight_smile:

+2 :-TU

+3 :smiley: