Looking to install the Comodo Internet Security

I am at the end of my Norton subscription and am looking for a free anti virus, malware protection. I have read a lot about Comodo and Windows Defender. Anybody out there able to guide me to the right one? I am nervous about leaving Norton. Don’t really know if it was good or not, but I have not gotten any virus with it. I just balk at the idea of spending $59.00 when I don’t really know if it is worth it. Does Windows Defender do just as good a job…and it is free? How about me changing to Comodo. Can I really feel secure with a Free anti virus program? I need some help. Thanks

By the way, I am running Windows 8.1. Is this a problem with the Comodo Program?

I would recommend Comodo, but it’s not as user friendly as Norton (don’t get scared). There are plenty of people here on the forums that can help you if you need it. I wouldn’t download from the main Comodo page (I don’t know if the latest v7.0 has been posted there yet). You can download the latest file here:


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