looking for a web scanner to control my internet trafic and kill bad codes


So i searched for a kind of antivirus but with for function to scan my internet trafic and able to catch bad things i sould meet by surfing with the alien :wink:

someone knows some good thing like that.

I dont use AV, but I would like a internet trafic scanner. I installed Ad-aware but it’s not good, i have to pay for another version if i want that.
except I dont want all the others modules comming with it.



I’m not quite sure what you mean, something like traffic light? If it is, then one alternative is avast! online security. If not, can you specify? particularly on “control my internet traffic” part.

Yes, What i’m looking for is like a real time scanner like there are on antivirus,
but one made to analyse in real time the internet trafic.
I don’t care about AV scanning my hard drives or all those kind of things.
I’m looking for something to protect me against bad codes coming from the internet.
you see ?

update : I didnt know trafic light, i’m looking now, maybe it’s something like that I need, got to try.

Thanks for your help