Look ‘n’ Stop FW

Why didn’t anyone ever tested Look ‘n’ Stop FW?
I’ve been to YouTube and there’s not a single review (not proper ones at least).

Has somene tryed this app?

Since i have VM on I can give it try and see what it is.

Valentin N

Hi SG65. I just googled looknstop firewall reviews and came up with quite a lot of information on it. I personally don’t go for trial/buy versions, when so much good free alternatives are available. Sorry have not tried it. Kind regards.

I had tried the firewall back in 2008 and my experience is that it does the job pretty well. You do get a better control over the rules and they are pretty well organized.

Eh; Back in 2008 (As well) I never really liked it;
Seem’d to my machines that it likes to hog all the resources