Look at this video

Hi guys,

please give a look at this video, it’s in portuguese, but the test is very simple: a folder with 1500 pieces of malwares has been scanned with several AV, included Comodo. For every AV tested, settings are in default mode. They were updated and tested. In these tests we have not the latest version for Avast and Comodo, so they probably could do better even considering that, about the on-demand scanner, Comodo 5.0 didn’t have cloud scanner enabled by default.

Avira: 96.40%
Avast: 95.53%
Comodo: 97.46%
AVG: 92.66%
MSE: 87.40%
Rising Antivirus: 58.80%

Very good result for Comodo IMO :-TU

And who said Comodo av was poor in comparison to the likes of Avg and Avast ect, time to have a rethink?.

Cavs is still maturing, and remember detection is not the be and end all, is just part of the overall picture.