Look at this article about the new zero day bug with BO


Only if you had CMG you would be laughing at this :slight_smile:


Lol, I got CMG :wink:
Luckily I use Windows Live and not Yahoo! :slight_smile:


:-X :frowning:

I kind of have to use it because of the receiving parties that use it >:(. I’ll be rubbing my hands in excitement when CFP 3 final includes CMG.

This is a screenshot of exploitin’ new yahoo webcam component vulnerability. I’m goin’ to make a topic with more 0-day sploits detection screenshots, 'cause that’s funny to watch their vain attempts :slight_smile:

P.S. Thanks Melih for a tip :slight_smile:

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This clearly shows how CMG can be used as “Prevention” against Zero Day Attacks using Buffer Overlfow and recent Yahoo example has proven the value of CMG beyond doubt!!!


Nice catch (:WIN)

Greetz, Red.

No doubt at all. Buffer Overflow attacks are among the most common and difficult to prevent types of attacks. COMODO Family members(i.e. all of our users), will always be virtually immune to almost all sorts of attacks. CMG will soon be an integral part of CFP 3’s line defense as well as a standalone product as it is now.



why you don´t build the stack protection into CPF3? Now it is stand alone, but it could be another option in your new version of firewall.