Longer time for postpone restart/Cancel the restart [M1942]

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Whenever my Comodo Firewall has successfully downloaded and applied an update, it shows a dialogue frame telling me that it requests to reboot the computer, which gives me the option to postpone the reboot for up to 4 hours. It then repeatedly shows the same dialogue again.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
I propose the addition of either another choice (within that dialogue) to postpone the reboot (or rather the reappearance of the dialogue) for a much longer duration (preferably 24 hours or even indefinitely, as in cancelling any reboot requests by Comodo FW for this system session, effectively until after the computer has been rebooted, manually or otherwise) -or- an option in the Advanced Settings for Updates towards the same purpose, to give the user a choice to only be notified of the necessity of a reboot once instead of every 30 minutes or 4 hours.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
I don’t feel it’s desirable to force a dialogue frame onto the user that interrupts whatever the user is doing at the time (e.g. drawing, typing, gaming) without any way to prevent that (as far as I know, and short of rebooting of course). The dialogue frame claims focus every time it pops up, and thus tends to interfere with ongoing activity (user inputs, full-screen programs). I think it would be desirable to give the user a choice to hide/omit the reboot dialogue when the user doesn’t care to reboot anytime soon. I’m aware that the user is already able to prevent update checks altogether, as well as not download or apply the update respectively, and that whatever was updated may include something that’s supposedly important and the update can only be applied upon rebooting the whole system. However, it may be reasonable under certain circumstances to download an update right away but only apply it much later, and since the user can already postpone the reboot virtually indefinitely (in cuts of 4 hours) and there are situations where rebooting is undesirable, I feel that 4 hours is a way too short duration.

4. Any other information:
I haven’t tried to simply ignore the dialogue frame yet. Maybe if it’s just left open in the background, that may be viable enough to prevent it from claiming focus and getting in the way.

Open to further advice …

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Thanks again.

Bad idea in my opinion. When a reboot is prompted, it needs to occur in a timely manner, otherwise it is likely that the new service/driver to give correct/better protection won’t be active and the user could then be using a less fully protected system for hours or even days at a time, giving a false sense of security.

It should never been forced.
I lost several times all my work because I accidentely hit the allow button when the popup showed !!!

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Restart, annoying reminder for 4 hours max.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
I wish that you could add the option for the canceling restart at all (now it’s 4 hours max for postpone), or at least do the longest postpone. It’s really annoying.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
It’s unlikely to me (and I think for others too), because my uptime is usually for 2 weeks. It’s inconvenient to me to restart, really inconvenient.

4. Any other information:
Now I had to disable automatic updates at all because of that.

Thank you.

i agree to add:
Postpone this restart until manual restart (Not Recommended)

so in the future it might look like this:

Remind me in:
Restart now (Recomended)
30 minutes
60 minutes
Postpone this restart until manual restart (Not Recommended)

I personally restart withing 30 min but i can see the usefulness for other user, so i voted yes.

Sorry Guys,
I have voted no to this idea. :-TD
Some updates maybe critical and system security could easily be neglected or compromised if the reboot time was extended.
Even worse if it could be postponed indefinitely or until manual reboot, because any user could easily forget.

Kind regards.

Oh c’mon, you’re too frightened )) I caught 3 trojans lately (that’s why I moved from loosy ESET to Comodo), but it’s really too much - if smbdy restart in 2 weeks, it’s highly unlikely that user could caught something new and dangerous.

btw, it’s just the option, BlueTesta proposed great addition. I like it with “not recommended”. It’s just a freedom of choice, is it bad?)

I thought CIS wasn’t the nanny of user behaviour? Personally I voted yes because I am in favour of options.

Hi Latronaxe,
No I am not frightened, I am thinking of broader user base.
It is human nature to be forgetful, but after remembering the tray icon shows yellow with an exclamation mark until after reboot I have reconsidered and changed my vote. :-TU

Kind regards.

Thanks, dude)
Hope, it will be more voices)

1. What actually happened or you saw:
There is only maximum time for move to 4 hours, yet.
If you do a very long pc session this window show up often, even if you are in a full-screen.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
An option for move to user will restart pc by yourself without ask again.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
This would be more user-friendly.
At the moment this a bit recalls respect-less windows:
“Not resist talking! You have to do it right now!”

4. Any other information:
Integrate a dropfield/checkbox “dont remind me again” would easy to make or? :slight_smile:

Merged similar wish that is already reported.

Are the votes also merged? :wink:

btw: Windows 10 - Wikipedia
I would suggest to comodo group do not follow more this behavior, there will come a big shitstorm.
In the usa there was a lawsuit about the forcing upgrade, microsoft had to paid a big fine for it.