Long Waiting for applying the signature DB updates.

CIS V4 Beta RC has a very good information of how big of the each update, but my feeling is that I have to wait applying the signature DB upates.

OT: There is not such thing as Beta RC. :wink:

I’ve noticed that too. It doesn’t make my CPU spike of anything so It can take as long as it wants, but yeah it does take quite a while. In some cases up 40 seconds, depending on the update size.

Yes, there is: Opera Desktop Team's Blog | Opera .:wink:

Well, what M mean CIS V4 Beta RC shouldl be COMODO Internet Security 4.0.132838.716 RC. Sorry for the wrong spelling.

Just because somenone mark his product as Beta RC doesn’t mean it exists. Beta RC is pre-RC. Beta RC can’t exist from a logical reason.

No problem, mate. :slight_smile: