Long-time user, recommendation issues

Hi, I’ve been using comodo for years. I love it. It’s without a doubt the best antivirus suite (with firewall) out there…and free! However, I do have one issue with it. Everytime I’m asked what protection I use, I often have to defer people from using what I use (unless they have some computer knowledge). I’ve recommended Comodo to people before but people who aren’t as computer-savvy (usually older people) are always finding it difficult to use. So many popups asking whether something should be allowed to run. Talk about Ports, DNS, and Sandbox…they don’t understand any of it.

So here’s my suggestion. Introduce a version of Comodo (that is as safe,) that is very user-friendly. Make it as simple for these users as turning on a few light switches that you never have to turn them off again and forget they’re even there (except for updates). I think this would help me help get the word about Comodo out there! I wouldn’t have to request people use AVG or other products anymore because I will no longer have to walk people through your software! I swear by Comodo but I’ve had people swear at me because of how difficult using certain features have been for them.

Thanks a lot,
A loyal follower!

I know what you mean. Comodo can be too talkative for some people. This can be helped by following the advice in my article on How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected and reporting all unknown files to Comodo to be whitelisted. That way, after the whitelisting is complete, the only programs that will make any popups should be those new to the computer.

That said, I don’t see that as a perfect solution, as you manually have to do that with every computer.

I think the best course of action is for Comodo to develop a sandbox as easy to use as Sandboxie. This way all unknown files can be run in that sandbox without worry of crashing. If there’s no real incentive to release an unknown file from the sandbox then an ordinary user can be protected from all malware without experiencing any inconvenience.

I think that if V6 of CIS incorporates that sort of technology, which it is supposed to, then CIS would become usable for most people.

What do you think?

I agree. More issues arise when people try to run something big (such as World of Warcraft) and it doesn’t quite fit in the sandbox and they’re stuck trying to figure out why their game won’t run. This is usually when the frustration ensues.