long time to clean scan results

well i got hard disk to scan it and found many virus on it over than 1000 when i went to clear them it take to much time over than an hour is that normal ?


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No worries.

As to your question, I wouldn’t say it is normal. It shouldn’t take nearly that long. That said, I suppose it also depends on what the malware was trying to do while it was being removed. I’m assuming that perhaps it only took that long because the malware was using a lot of system resources and actively trying to prevent themselves from being removed. At least it’s a possible solution.

thx for replay my system not infected it’s the hard drive how i try to clean but and yea after long time cleaning in the end i get message tell me there are some couldn’t remove my AV is (on access)

Please make sure that there are no left overs of previously uninstalled security programs around. Not all uninstallers do a proper job. Left over applications, drivers or services can cause all sort of “interesting effects”.

Try using removal tools for those programs to remove them. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase .

Well, i would defintely call that “system infected”…

And if i found lot less than 1000 malwares, i would allready never call this system clean again. Apart from when i would make a reinstallation. (Yes, sometimes even thats not enough).

Just as an example:
A very good antivirus catches 98% of KNOWN malwares. If you have 100 malwares, chances are that statistically 2 are missed. In your case, the number could be 20, … rather lot more.
And all the unknown malwares which might have been introduced as payloads of some of the 1000 malwares are not detectable anyway.

DONT do stunts. Reinstall the operation system. And avoid infections.

Throw 1000 small stones into a lake. And try to catch the waves.

I must admit that it somehow was funny when you complained about, cleaning of 1000 infections took too long… As if it was a normal days action, and you want it to be shorter the other day.

Do you mean with viruses being on the hard drive that these viruses are on a hd that is used for data storage?

sry i’m i didn’t respond fast

this is not my own hard drive it’s for someone want me to scan his hard drive and clean it but with more than virus and i’m using comodo internet security pro 2012 (5.10.228257.2253) up to date AV i’m using comodo for my office not home user i used many av before and i know very well if my pc infected or not
and this not the first time i do scan on hard drive not the one i’m using.

yeah it’s it’s not my hd i’m using

this screen shot for another hd and it not like the last hd i reported and it takes like 30min i was cleaning many hd with other av and it was faster than this but i do alot with comodo and i want to keep it running on my pc

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Seeing your screen shots, I strongly feel that the long time to clean, and the error at the end are caused by Comodo trying to “actually clean” sality infections, which was introduced somewhere in 5.9 or 5.10 builds.


CIS takes abnormally long times to respond when “sality” infections are found, trying to clean the infected files (not delete). This is a known bug, as you can see in my above linked post.

Version 6 is supposed to fix this issue.

hope this issus get fixed soon

why i bother my self to report something like that i’m not noob and i’m using comodo long time ago for two years and i’m fine with it but with new services i provide in my office i face things like that. if i have that number of viruses on my hd clean it and take what is working and format it and start all over again with no need to report that. but it’s for customer which you should save his files clean and safe. operating system is something very easy to do

yea only “sality” who make it take long time to clear the result list as example

i got hd today with many viruses and take only 1 min to clear them all

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