lol Zeroday malware trojware(Zeroaccess)HT

lol zero access trojan not detected at all

i will send the file in cima so i put the hash here :slight_smile:

File: malware.avi.exe
CRC-32: 1ac7f28a
MD4: 32b9bf964d6ab2f2dad448e48099177b
MD5: bbe20cd362b5b15ffc62fa9a8c1f9af9
SHA-1: 924ebcdea2fa9abba999bf78a1b88c519b4735c1

lets go
Malware Research hicham loves comodo and hope to join their team

Hello hicham0716,

Thank you for your submission. We’ll check it.

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can you also submit this one to
good luck
i hope to join comodo team