Lol, now this is funny

I downloaded around 7 GB music (will be a lot less when I checked them) and it was close that I ran out of space :o
Moved them to my 300 GB HDD now, so it’s okay now. The picture took 10,7 kB, so I couldn’t save it ;D
Anyone know what happens when your HDD gets filled up?

It might BSOD :o. Then you follow Ganda’s advice of using a hammer to really fix your hard disk.

I don’t feel like testing it, as it would probably mean I would have to do a re-format ;D

When your HD fills up, Windows tells you about it and invites you to use the cleanup tool, but there’s no big deal. No stability loss but operations that need additional speed may fail of course.

Okay, but I’ve disabled those alerts :wink:
Anyways, it could create errors with some programs that creates temporary files, since they would be unable to do so.

I think that the worst that could happen is that a program that needed to write to disc would crash, but to the desktop, not causing a full Windows crash (BSOD). Windows does provide for this contingency. I’m telling you because I did once fill up my whole HD. :o

Oh I know what DOS would have said back at the time, even though I don’t think I ever saw it myself: “Abort, Retry, Ignore?” ;D

I think that you’re right Japo, except it’s Fail instead of Ignore (who chooses to fail?).

Nolstagic. NOT ;D

Sorry that I don’t have MS-DOS 1.1 from 1982. Version 6.22 is from 1994, so it’s a big difference :wink:

You just bothered to install DOS and fill up the virtual HD or what?? :o You nuts.

Most times there were only two possible outcomes of the three or four choices. Sometimes there was only one possible outcome regardless of what you chose, and then it was the question repeated over and over again until you pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del, and that was hard restore, there was no fancy multi-task manager. Not to talk about the infernal delights of memory management and multimedia configuring.


Not to talk that DOS v1 didn’t even have folders, I mean directories.

you disabled such important services ??? :o
what’s left on your comp then ;D


88) the mage has done too much tweaking.

No I didn’t. I failed to install it, since I had to put the floppy in drive E: or something. I couldn’t since I was using a ISO.

It’s not a service, you fool! Well, can’t really blame someone who failed the elementary school on Mars.

Let’s say it’s 253,2 GB left.

:frowning: that’s supposed to be a secret.
now i declare war! wait a sec, where’s my sun tzu book :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s supposted to be a secret, how come you told us?
I’m not sure if martians have to say everything since they can’t think.

I don’t want to call you a ■■■■■■… It’s already on CD here on Earth!
Sun Tzu died like 2,500 years ago, so we’ve had enough time to make a CD.

I know it’s non-challenging and tempting to pick on Ganda, but let’s remember the TOS about respecting fellow members. Certain words can be borderline :P0l

I don’t mean to nit-pick (well maybe I do), but if they can squeeze the entire bible plus references on 1 CD, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t need 2 discs for The Art of War, even with video ;D

soya :-* :-* :-* :-* ;D

human needs 2 cds? we only use 1 cd containing suntzu’s art of war + bonus : beggar’s chicken recipe ;D

Well, we’ve kinda left the technology of CD’s and moved on to Blu-ray, which can store 200 GB, and soon we’ll move on to 3D optical data storage, that will store more than one TB.