Logo says 'ID authority credentials are not available for this site'

We are Comodo resellers, and our site is ready to go ‘live’…please check out www.computerhardwareco.com and give me a suggestion.

Thanks folks.


I have had a check with your domain name www.computerhardwareco.com and since the status of the order is being “Awaiting Validation”, please send us the email at docs@comodo.com, then we will validate your Comodo PremiumSSL Certificate for www.computerhardwareco.com. So that your issue will be resolved.

I have also same problem for www.benial.com can you help me please?


Thank you for your post in Comodo Forum.

You can update the post if you have any issue with your domain ID Authority.

I do have the same issue with isearchppsa.ca

when hovering mouse over comodo seal it shows:

[b]IdAuthority™ Credentials are 
NOT available for this site[/b]

I have installed this certif last fall; it did not use to be like this…

Please help

Problem solved ! ! !

Apparently corrected “by itself” ( I did nothing) few minutes ago…

I still don’t know if Comodo staff did something on their side to address the issue or if it was some kind of network/routing issue outside my control…

It could be that the connection to the ID servers was interrupted between the browser the internet and the ID servers.


Our logo also has this issue!


Id Authority Credentials are not available for this site.

Having the same problem after we renewed the SSL certificate.

From the management module if you click on TrustLogos it shows as Valid From 16-JAN-11 Valid To 16-JAN-12 (Expired) that relates to an expired certificate- The current certificate shows as Valid From 08-JAN-12 to 14-FEB-13…

There is no option (that I can find) to update the TrustLogos to match a current certificate…

The certificate you have does not come with any sort of interactive logo or ID Authority credentials.

Can you please submit a support ticket via https://support.comodo.com with your order number and or domain so we can go ahead and look into your issue?


Reply from Comodo

We have gone ahead and updated the logo to match that of the certificate.

It now works