LogMeIn or TeamViewer

Yes I know this is about User Anywhere but …
Does anyone have an opinion about the free versions of LogMeIn and TeamViewer?
This is what little I know about the two:
No transfer capability
Unlimited time usage
Memory usage is about 30K
Ability to transfer files
Limited to about 30 hrs a month
Memory usage is about 14K
I would like the opinions of anybody familiar with both programs. Thanks.

LOVE logmein.com! I’ve been using the free version since the first day it was available (thanks 3AM Labs). Team Viewer is OK, just not as polished as LMI.

Comodo’s UserAnywhere looks promising - the resource usage is excellent and the screen speed is up there with the best of them.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks Ewen. I was tempted to try UA but then I saw that you had to buy it at a rate of $14.99 per month. I just needed something simple and free.

:wink: They can’t make everything free. It’d be nice if they could, but there’s no harder reality than commercial reality. When you look at the included features (UA versus LMI Pro) there’s not a lot of difference, dollar wise. The user interface of LMI may be a bit more polished, but UA traffic is authenticated and encrypted at each step.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hello guys,

I am a heavy user of teamviewer and have to say that this tool is marvellous. My “short” statement why:

  • for free (time limitation very generous with 25 hours/month - I never reached it)
  • small app with a very fast installer
  • use without installation possible
  • host mode installation (on the other side no necessity of someone confirming your connection) for example for servers or unattended pcs
  • freaking fast
  • absolutely no configuration required
  • data transfer
  • chat
  • USB-Stick Version
  • change of viewer direction
  • settings changeable during running session
  • presentation mode
  • works with more than one partners
    …I think that´s it at first glance :wink:

In my opinion the best tool for remote support and desktop sharing on the web - give it a try!


Thanks Mandoo. You have helped me make up my mind. I’ll use TeamViewer.

I thought this project is dead… Wassup’?

If you are referring to Comodo UserAnywhere, then I believe Comodo has temporarily made the service unavailable because they are making some big changes.


I believe it’s back up… Ewen reported on it something like last week, and Melih indicated it was back in play. Unless your news is more recent than that?


TeamViewer is nice but there is several problem you may face with:

  1. If you connect to multiple different ID, their system will start throttle your connection. Because they suspect the current ID involve with commercial usage. Well if you really is a home user (non-commercial user) is easy to solve above problem. You just need clarify your usage and who you connected to TeamViewer then according to situation they might remove the throttled for you.
  2. TeamViewer require Dyngate.exe to serve as a router in order to communicate back to their server. This program sometime do often cause problem like unable to properly connect to server, or simply cause connection failed.

If you looking for a free remote control, their is also other option to choose such as:
combination of no-ip + a VNC program such as RealVNC/UltraVNC/TightVNC they all are free version.
in order to register no-ip please go to http://www.no-ip.com/ this application has the ability to register you computer and current ip to their DNS server. It will be very useful especially for Dynamic IP User.

  1. If you use it non-commercial and don´t violate their license agreements there shouldn´t be a problem at all.

  2. The latest version 3 of Teamviewer doesn´t use Dyngate anymore, so no such problems should occur (:WIN)

You can download version 3 here: http://www.teamviewer.com/download/TeamViewer_Setup.exe
Also a numerous other things were improved. Here is the link Changelogs — TeamViewer Support

While waiting for Comodo’s “Better way”, I have been using OneClick by Advantig.

It is based on UltraVNC and Single Click. There are free and paid versions.

I think it is easy to set up. You might have to forward a port on your router, it works by reverse connection.

I have been using the paid version for about a year to remotely support clients and RELATIVES. I am very pleased with it, especially for XP.

Main problems I have with it are Vista related. It does not run as a service on Vista. Therefore, you can’t reboot and automatically have it reconnect Vista machines in safe mode or multi user logins – YET – the developer is working on that now.

I think LogMeIn is better than TeamViewer, but obviously there’s got to be a catch when releasing free versions. Therefore, I switched from LogMeIn Rescue to Techinline Remote Desktop (www.techinline.com) a few months ago. At $30 a month for unlimited use it’s more than reasonably priced, and my clients absolutely love the simplicity of establishing the connection since there is absolutely no installation. At this point in time, it’s not as full-featured as LogMeIn Rescue, but it gets the job done nonetheless.

Well, I think Teamviewer is better than LogMeIn. Mandoo has made a great overview about the pros. For me the big facts are:

  • it’s free for none business people
  • it’s easy to handle and I never had trouble with the software


I use them both.

VNC has to have port openings in a firewall, and gives me hell when trying to connect to other people behind a NAT.

Teamviewer connects using an ID and a pin number. The user dont even have to have admin rights and can run from the .exe. This is a security hazard if someone in your company runs the exe and invites others in.

There are some hardware devices that looks promising for the enterprise.