Logitech Mouse Help :'(

Hey All

Really need some help with the new Comodo Version 3 Firewall.
I have a Logitech MX500 mouse which i use for gaming, but now when i load up my game it can’t detect the additional buttons… for example when i push the buttons on the side of the mouse, the game detects the buttons as Left or Right mouse button instead of Mouse 3 and Mouse 4 button…

and when i push the mousewheel down which should show up as mouse button 5 nothing happens at all…

i had no such problem when i had V2.4… hope you guys can help, else i see no other choice than to go back a version…


I don’t have a problem with my Logitech mouse.
Maybe because I don’t use Logitech software?
You can try to go to Defence+ and “my own safe files” and add the Logitech software there. You can also try to add Logitech to “my trusted software vendors” if the file is digitally signed.

Problem Found, thanks for the help…
Seems my mouse has gone to hell, tried a MX518 and it had no problem.

Ok, nice that the problem is gone.