LoginPro RC1 is now available.

LoginPro RC1 is now available.

This RC can be downloaded at www.loginpro.com in the downloads section or by the following direct link:


Release notes:


  1. Tray icons was shown as “Controlled” while the tunnel has been already closed.
  2. The Product Logo has been updated, we’re testing out different logos for tray app usability and visibility.
  3. Various Security fixes


  1. UI experience/visual/speed enhancements.
  2. Internal resource management improved.
  3. The toolbar has been improved for QuickAssist and HTML5 modes and now has a fresher visual theme.
  4. Close Connection and Reconnect buttons are added to QuickAssist toolbar.

Known issues:

  1. “Create Account” and “Forgot Password” links are opened in IE but not in default browser.
  2. Safari on Windows and Mac isn’t yet working, coming soon. Chrome on Mac is fine.
  3. Cannot log into Remote PC using HTML5 before Windows Logon.
  4. Wrong message is shown “No computers connected” while there are connected PCs.


The LoginPro Team.

congrats, i will test this out when i get a chance (maybe tonight)

Thanks Shane, will try this one out soon :wink:

some one help me…

I typed the wrong password and hit enter. Now, it keeps on saying “connecting to server” forever, the “cancel” does not work at all.

Killing the process from Task Manager, still does not change it’s status, when it is re run…

good job.

SivaSuresh your bug has been reported.

have you guys used html 5 capability?

You can take over a remote PC from any browser without installing anything!


I restarted my system. Logged in again, with the correct password. I could log in, but, the “connecting to server” message never stops…

Ok, I’ll make sure our development and QA team get this fixed for you.

It would be great to see LoginPro within Comodo Endpoint Security Manager 2.1!

Both (CESM and LogrinPro) are web based. :-TU

I had a meeting with the CESM manager this week and the topic of our meeting was just that :slight_smile:

COOL!!! Those are really good news!!! :-TU :-TU

how about add an option so we can choose which logo we like? since in windows we can choose the color of aero so some icons might look better for some then others.

This would be very handy if there are VPN capabilities for the administration of laptops ‘out in the field’ so as to deploy / update CIS and update any new endpoint policies :-TU


Well, fancy bumping in to you here - small world…

The new version of ESM, version 3, is scheduled to include a RDP/VNC ability so that any Endpoint, regardless of where it is, will be accessible by an ESM admin (as long as it has an internet connection).

ESM will, and currently does in v2.1, deploy to and manage remote machines. As long as the agent is configured to point to the ESM server’s public IP or FQDN, and there is port-forwarding to the ESM server, then even laptops “out in the filed” can be managed.

You can even create a “local” policy which can be applied when the endpoint is attached to a LAN and an “Internet” policy for when it is on a WAN. These policies can then be applied so that different security levels are applied depending on the nature of the endpoint’s connection.

A quick “Hi” to w-e-v and Comodo Shane.

Keep it real y’all.


After registering I receive a mail which reads:

Thank you for your Comodo LogInPro order.

Your Order Includes: Comodo LoginPro
Period: 1 month

This does not sound like a free application. Is it really free?
The rest of the mail text doesn’t talk about costs or similar things, but the term “order” sounds strange to me for a free app.

And what about that 1 month? Do I have to re-register afterwards? Is is even possible to re-register or is this a one month trial period that I just started and when this is over I need to buy a license?

Sorry for all these questions but the LogInPro homepage is not very verbose…


LoginPro is free.

Unfortunately that text was left over from a reused e-mail template which is currently being corrected.