LoginPro Beta is now available for beta testing.

LoginPro Beta is now available for beta testing at


Download link: https://download.comodo.com/loginpro/ComodoLoginProSetup.exe

Beta testing version should not be run on production system and may contain some defects and/or incomplete features.

LoginPro is a remote control application tailored to allow remote access to your own PC via a central web site, loginpro.com.

Release notes:


  1. Ctrl+N in Tray App leaded to opening of InternetExplorer.
  2. Multiple MessageBoxes were shown when wrong login or password were used to sign in.
  3. After going to FullScreen in QuickAssist mode additional window was shown on task bar.
  4. No need to close browsers now when installing/uninstalling.
  5. Tunnel speed improved.
  6. Login window appeared several times for QuickAssist access.


  1. new Logo

Known issues:

  1. Tray icons shows as “Controlled” while the tunnel is already closed.
  2. “Create Account” amd “Forgot Password” links are opened in IE but not in default browser.
  3. Safari on Windows and Mac isn’t yet working, coming soon. Chrome on Mac is fine.
  4. HTML5 connection is sometimes shown in Connections tab of LoginPro Control Panel after it’s closed.
  5. Even if FriendlyName is changed in QuickAssist window old one is shown.

LoginPro team.

good job guys!
this product is getting better and better!


congrats. this is a great product!

I’ve downloaded Alpha 161 and installed it on two PCs.
Installation completed without issue on both systems.
Both systems can connect to the server successfully.
When I log in to the www.loginpro.com site, it accepts my credentials.
The next screen contains an animated LOADING strip.
The background to this page is dimmed showing previous connected PCs.

It never progresses past this point, with the LOADING strip continually animated but no further activity.

Any ideas?
Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Ewen.
Thanks for the feedback. We are researching what can cause that.
Can you tell what OS and browser are you using?

Kind regards,

Browser : IE9 on both systems.
OS : Win7 32bit and Win7 64 bit

Ewen :slight_smile: