LoginPro Alpha Testing Service Outage

The LoginPro service will be unavailable for essential upgrades on April 19th 2012 from 7am to 8am EST.

A new Alpha client will be available after the upgrade is complete. All Alpha testers should upgrade to this new version.

LoginPro Team.

The service is available again, however there has been an issue with HTML remote control after the upgrade. This problem will be rectified and back online tomorrow.

The LoginPro team.

The issue with HTML5 will require a small change and the feature will be available as of the next release.

LoginPro Team.

thanks for the update. loginpro.com isnt working with dragon for some reason. i keep getting a 404. it does work with other browsers

[attachment deleted by admin]


That URI seems invalid, it must come from cache/history/bookmark, if you remove the /loginpro it should work fine.

yea it works now. i had it saved in a bookmark.