LoginPro Alpha is now available for alpha testing.

LoginPro Alpha is now available for alpha testing at


Download link: https://download.comodo.com/loginpro/ComodoLoginProSetup.exe

Alpha testing version should not be run on production system and may contain some defects and/or incomplete features.

LoginPro is a remote control application tailored to allow remote access to your own PC via a central web site, loginpro.com.

Release notes:


  1. Correct screen size of remote desktop when using Chrome.
  2. Fixed HTML5 resolution list.
  3. Tunnel creation is improved.
  4. Quick Assist window doesn’t influence Control Panel functionality.
  5. QuickAssist RDP toolbar is added.
  6. QuickAssist RDP window size is corrected.
  7. Tray icons was shown as “Controlled” while the tunnel is already closed.
  8. Login window appeared several times for QuickAssist access.
  9. Login was case sensitive for HTML5 mode.
  10. QuickAssist controlling speed improved.
  11. Loading in QuickAssist didn’t stop sometimes.
  12. STUN server reworked.
  13. Web page layout was wrong when browser window shrinks.
  14. HTML5 session closing wasn’t handled correctly.


  1. FriendlyName of RemotePC is added to the title of QuickAssist window.
  2. “Free Downloads” button is added to main webpage.

Known issues:

  1. “Create Account” amd “Forgot Password” links are opened in IE but not in default browser
  2. Safari on Windows and Mac isn’t yet working, coming soon. Chrome on Mac is fine.
  3. HTML5 doesn’t interpret some system keys.
  4. TrayIcon has white border when color scheme is less then 32 bits.
  5. If watching video over LIP - after some time it hangs.
  6. ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ command is not sent to PC with Windows 7 from QuickAssist toolbar.
  7. Multiple error messages are shown when signing in with incorrect login/password from Control Panel.

LoginPro team.

A little GUI bug(long e-mail):

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Could you please add the image again as it’s not possible to have a look at it.

Kind regards,

good job guys, keep going!

Here you are.

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Congrats on the release, this is a great app.

I am getting an error when trying to connect to another. Why am i getting this error?

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LoginPro has an Allowable users list that is a list of users that are allowed to be logined via LoginPro. The error that you see appears when user you are tryint to login with in not in this list or “Allow users to connect remotely to this computer” checkbox is checked out.
Please check and tell if that helps.

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