LoginPro Alpha is now available for alpha testing.

LoginPro Alpha is now available for alpha testing at


Download link: https://download.comodo.com/loginpro/ComodoLoginProSetup.exe

Alpha testing version should not be run on production system and may contain some defects and/or incomplete features.

LoginPro is a remote control application tailored to allow remote access to your own PC via a central web site, loginpro.com.

Release notes:


  1. Completely Reworked Client-Server Communication protocol that leads to communication stability.
  2. SignIn sometimes didn’t work
  3. HTML5 session wasn’t shown in ConnectionTab
  4. Tunnel creation is improved
  5. Background color of buttons was missed sometimes in HTML5 login dialog


  1. QuickAssist feature
  2. “Run at startup” is added to settings page
  3. Some options are moved to “Advanced settings” page
  4. New GUI for Tray Application
  5. In Tray Application Enter button clicks on SignIn button on Unattended login tab and on TakeControl button on QuickAssist tab.
  6. Client side application is not split to Viewer and Remote now.
  7. Download page is changed - client app is not divided now.

Known issues:

  1. Tray icons shows as “Controlled” while the tunnel is already closed.
  2. “Create Account” amd “Forgot Password” links are opened in IE but not in default browser
  3. Login window appears several times for QuickAssist access.
  4. Safari on Windows and Mac isn’t yet working, coming soon. Chrome on Mac is fine.
  5. QuickAssist controlling speed needs improving
  6. Autoinstall in browser doesn’t work now
  7. Uninstaller leaves some files unclosed sometimes.
  8. HTML5 doesn’t work correctly.

LoginPro team.

excellent work guys!

Congratulations with the release… :slight_smile:

how is the QuickAssist feature guys?
do you like it?
what is missing?


this is a great product, congrats on the release!

i cant get the quick assist to work. when i click on the quick assist tab it says connecting to server and never connects, when “connecting” it takes up a lot of my CPU (loginprotrayapp.exe)

EDIT: i just installed this on my host computer and everything seems to be running ok. Idk why it wouldnt connect in my VM.

i will test it out some more soon. The next big feature i want to see added is drag and drop transfers.

Thanks for the great product

it looks like there is something wrong with the download for the browser plug in. i am getting a 404 in firefox and IE

Stickied for the obvious reason.

Now installer installs both Viewer and Remote parts so browsers’ plugins are also installed.
404 issue will be fixed asap and it doesn’t influence the LoginPro functionality.
Please use Download link for getting the installer:

Kind regards,

For weeks I have been on and off again trying to use this service but am never able to login to the website… I have tried creating 2 separate accounts with different email addresses but continue to get “Incorrect login or password” every single time I try and login. Is there an issue with this service accepting new accounts?