LoginPro Alpha is now available for alpha testing.

LoginPro Alpha is now available for alpha testing at


Alpha testing version should not be run on production system and may contain some defects and/or incomplete features.

LoginPro is a remote control application tailored to allow remote access to your own PC via a central web site, loginpro.com.

Release notes:


  1. HTML5 screen’s IFrame wasn’t resized and scrolls were shown
  2. Chrome plugin didn’t install on fresh PC.
  3. Edits didn’t work properly on Tray App
  4. Allowable user list didn’t work if UAC is ON
  5. Tunnels creation hanged sometimes
  6. For Windows home versions, login background image wasn’t properly drawn for resolutions more than 800x600
  7. Resolution list wasn’t correct
  8. Buttons in ‘Connection has been lost’ message couldn’t be pressed if disconnect occurred in full screen mode
  9. Separate login screen is added to HTML5
  10. Issue with memory leaks that appeared when moved to new UI templates (real estates fix)
  11. Real estates issue


  1. HTML5 for Opera
  2. SignIn is changed to Cancel during Connecting state
  3. New Tray icons
  4. SSL for HTML5

Known issues:

  1. HTML5 session is not shown in ConnectionTab
  2. Is user is not in allowable users list - wrong message is shown when connecting.
  3. “Run at startup” is not added
  4. Safari on Windows and Mac isn’t yet working, coming soon. Chrome on Mac is fine.

LoginPro team.

excellent job guys!

this is going to be one amazing remote access tool! FREE!

congrats, this is an awesome tool

Honestly? This might be good. Since I do help some people through remote

This might sound a very stupid question… but heck… here it goes…

Why for FREE? Why SO MUCH developing and active coding (resources for you and COMODO) and give it all for free? “whats the catch”??? (dont get me wrong please).

This has not been addressed in actual release, right?

We have changed the authentication method for HTML5 so it should work now in Windows that doesn’t support old authentication type.

Kind regards,

Thanks for the reply.

What “old authentication type” are you referring too?
Is it windows version (xp, vista, 7) based?

This is what I got after installation and running it…

[attachment deleted by admin]

Server was down for some time. Sorry for inconvinience.

Kind regards,

I just saw a version of LoginPro where I was able to take over my computer from my iphone!!! and for free!!!

now thats cool!!!

Nice. I will give this a try :slight_smile:

Sweet… very sweet…

Waterfox does not seem to be supported. It is based on firefox but when i install the plugin and go to loginpro.com it says i do not have the plugin installed

What are the actual Standard and “Firewall friendly” port numbers?


help me! i can’t registry new account .why?

There was a bug with registration.
Should be fixed by now. Please try.

Kind regards,