Logging Suggestion

Just a suggestion on how Comodo Personal Firewall logs traffic. When you go to the log view under the Activity → Logs heading, it auto-updates. In theory this is a good feature, but when your computer is using up multiple connections it can become a pain to view the logs and create Application/Network rules for certain applications. What I’d like to see is a feature to stop the auto-updating of the logs, if there isn’t already a feature like I’ve describe.

Besides this minor issue, I’ve fell in love with Comodo Personal Firewall.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You can post your suggestion in the wishlist thread


Thanks, will post in there. I guess this thread can be deleted I suppose?

No need, especially because the wishlist thread is too big and you want to draw attention to other readers. But it’s up to you.

Yeah, I guess we can leave it. I’d love for something like this to get implemented as I love looking at logs. I think it’s easier than Googling a solution since all information needed is given to you in the logs. It just sucks when the logs scroll so fast you can’t use them :p.

Very true. Logging is currently one of the weakest aspects of CFP.

Yes, I agree to that