Log string errors [M2322]

Information Enabling Reproduction On Other Machines

1. Environment information:
a) CIS Version, if it was a clean-installed or updated from a previous version, indicate installation language:

b) OS version:
Win 7.

2. Details of GUI area where the error was found e.g.: ‘CIS Advanced settings’->‘HIPS’->‘HIPS Settings’->‘Monitoring Settings’):
Log: Configuration Changes.

Defect Description

3. Describe the error in the terms of ‘Expected result:’/‘Actual Result:’ or in any other clear form suggesting alternative texts/spelling corrections/etc:

File Rating Settings:
Enable Cloud Lookup (Recommended)
Trust files installed by trusted installers

When the above settings are changed, the log for them is not correct:
Containment: Automatically scan in cloud
Containment: Trust automatically

The correct strings in the language file are:

I can’t find the corresponding settings for the strings below in CIS UI. Maybe they are redundant/obsolete?

Yes I noticed this before too. Thanks for reporting.