log & filter , can i see only the incoming connection

i’m using comodo 3 and i really like it
but i try to make a filter to see only the incoming connection

can i do it ?
i read the help file but did not find answer

thanks (L)

Sometimes. What are you trying to do? I haven’t been able to log incoming connections if they are due to SPI-things like DNS and DHCP. And logging in the global rules has some problems. But you can usually get the applications to log incoming connections. What are you trying to log? TCP, UDP, or ICMP? Also, usually only the first instance of a rule gets logged, not every time it is triggered. There are a couple of active bug reports on logging inconsistencies. If you really want to see all the connections, Wireshark protocol analyzer and Wallwatcher (if your router supports external logging) are excellent tools.

i would like only to see all my incoming connection of today
for example the all incoming connection to svchost.exe or the incoming connection about the protocol tcp

CFP is probably not a good tool for that-you would need to allow and log all svchost inbound connections, or allow and log all tcp globally, and these would compromise security. It also does only selective logging. If you have a router that supports external logging, Wallwatcher would be a good tool for this, since it supports selective logging. Do you want to see all the tcp packets, or just the connection setups?

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well maybe it could be a nice whishlist feature

it could be useful see the log of a program or inbound data

Sure, you can add it to the wishlist-may be there already. But a logall with filtering is not a current capability, probably because of the resources it would consume.

yes but it could be very useful !

so is not possible to see the log of the complete activity for example of emule or firefox

You can try logging all of the output connections from FF, for example, but I think you will only get the first connection of a session in the log. Just go to the web browser policy and check “log” for the http and any other you want to log. Give it a try and see if it is enough for you. I haven’t tried logging with the current version; no update claim, but ???. :slight_smile:

i can’t believe
i can’t log a program??
or can’t log incoming connection to a windows service?

should trust blindfold whithout read what did happen while i was connected

how can i know for example if i have an intrusion?

Are you behind a router\modem with a hardware firewall? A fully stealthed hardware firewall is clearly your first line of defense. I get logs cause thats my set up. Download the GRC Leak Test and after blocking it you will see your intrusions and logs.

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no my modem hasnot firewall :frowning:

You mean…" No my modem does not have firewall built in". Is that what you meant? Then in that case you should run the Stealth Port Wizard and select the option to block all incoming connections.

yes my modem haven’t a a wirewall build it

but i don’t want block all incoming connection, many program use incoming connections

i want only to log a program or a port or a protocol

If you select custom rules for each program under network security policy then you can check off “log this event”.

with all incoming connection
can you make a screesshot ? i mean for example for files like svchost.exe lsass.exe please?
i 'm a novice with comodo

by the way there is not way to see the inbound or outbound connection ,at last in the log folder there is not such filter

Well since your double posting. Here and Wilders. Look at what Coolio just wrote in Wilders. There is your answer.

find it
but not way to see the inbound and outbound connections
i can’t see separated , i can’t distinguish