hey all! i love comodo but am experiencing problems with cav that other users are experiencing as well!

the problem is this: my system locks up when cav is in use, with or without updates! cfp works fine as expected but cav is pants at the moment!


Can you tell us a bit more about your system? What OS are you on? What other security programs are running in the background? Did you recently update Windows or programs?

You only use the AV of CIS? What process is using all the resources? Cmdagent.exe?

ok! sorry, eric!

i install both cfp and cav but system locks up when cav is activated! i have disabled then enabled cav but as soon as cav is active, instant lock up! im using xp pro sp3 with malwarebytes’ anti-malware!

if i just use cfp then no system lock up! this has been happening to me since cis v3.9 and is really frustrating! i cant check the current active processes as once cav is operational, lock up happens!

Do you mean you are using the stand alone, and now discontinued, Comodo Antivirus Spyware? Or are you using CIS with AV enabled? What is the version number of CIS you are using?

Do you use MBAM on demand or on access?

im using CIS which has both cfp and cav intergrated hence why i said v3.9! since v3.5, both cav and cfp were packaged into one!

im using the latest version of cis > v3.10.102363.51! i use mbam on access!

i dont think mbam is the problem as this lock up has never happened to me before v3.9!

Try running Diagnostics under Miscellaneous and see if that fixes it and what it says. Can you give me the version number of the AV database? Mine is 2024.

Try temporarily disabling MBAM to see if that helps or not.

Can you post a screenshot of the D+ logs? They can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + alert.

i cant do any of that as my system locks up as soon as cav is active!

It never hurts to try the Diagnostics with the AV disabled. Let us know.

works fine now, eric! no lockup since newer version has been installed!

must have been a bug in previous version!