Locking Comodo to imbecils

A disrespectful person uses my computer, whether or not I want him to. He downloads the stupidest and most ad-ware and malware INFESTED ■■■■ off the internet. Normally, that would be a minor annoyance. Now I found Comodo, and am able to block him from destroying my computer. I came back from the weekend away to find Comodo has been set to allow ALL. Now, that’s VERY, VERY dangerous to do, and I don’t appreciate that. Is there a way to enable a password to keep unauthorized users from screwing around with my settings, possibly killing my poor computer? Thanks.

Which operating system are you using?

Well, I run Windows XP, SP2.

Firstly, I like your topic title :slight_smile:

Password protection has been raised many times in the past as well as in the wishlists, but it’s been confirmed by the official team that it will be in v3. I just don’t know if it’ll be in the v3 beta.

If you are running XP Pro you can at least lower their account privileges to prevent them from installing crapware.
I’m not sure if the firewall settings can be locked this way or not…

~cat~ is right. I was going to post that one, but I thought you were only interested in CFP’s locking feature. A restricted user account is another possible solution: