Locked out-Yahoo?

I have checked my computer for spyware and keyloggers and it appears clean yet when I try and login to my yahoo account it says the password is wrong yet I know its right, what could be the cause?

I have Comodo firewall on and antivirus and antispyware

please help

Which Comodo firewall version are you using? What OS? Yahoo login uses https (port 443)-have you allowed it in your firewall rules?

it worked fine yesterday and I havent changed anything, I e-mailed the account that I’m locked out of yet it said undelivered account doesnt exist, yet when I went to make a new account using the user name it said it was still in use

ps I cleared my cookies and the password reminder page looks different but I cant attempt access again until tomorrow so if you can keep this topic open for me and post any info you may find here I would be very greatful

Can Yahoo suspend or lock an email account? Perhaps your password has been cracked by an intruder and they messed around with the options to block all senders?

I found something that seems relevant:

I have sent my details of my account to yahoo after they sent me a reply to my message, fingers crossed I get my account back

ps do you have to provide them with all the requested info or will most do as I couldnt remember my secret question (I know I should have written it down)?

No clue. I’ve never had mine locked or forgotten (:WIN). But I wouldn’t give out my body measurements if they’re asking for that too :■■■■