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Hello all,
Lately…for about two weeks now,I’ll notice my Boclean icon in the taskbar has turned green.I right click…the menu pops up…and thats it. My cursor indicates that it’s “working”,but I cannot click out of the process.I then have to use task manager to shut it down.I restart the program ans everything is fine…for a couple minutes,then the same thing happens.I’ve also done 2 reinstalls and nothing helps.I’m running vista ultimate.Hope you can help

Hi twistedvincent, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You don’t give much information so here are some thoughts :

  • Do you use Spybot’s Teatimer and was is running when you installed CBOClean ?

  • Did you follow the right install instructions for your Operating System ?


  • What you could try is an uninstall and than install CBOClean in SafeMode.

Here are some interesting topics about this subject :

Greetz, Red.

Thank you very much for the links…the green light remaining on is exactly what happening with me.I will give the suggestions a try…

Many thanks

I had and am still having the same problem, the green light remains on , and once you 'right click ’ this then locks up the system and I have to reboot. The only way I have overcome this is by ‘unticking’ the “automatic updates” and then once a day manually updating. It’s not a big deal and I am used it by now …

Hi overfity :slight_smile:

Did you try the sugestions in my post above ???

Greetz, Red.

everything seems cool for now!!!

many thanks

Rednose… yep, looked at your suggestions. I have now uninstalled BO clean and then reinstalled it, only this time I temporarily disabled ‘Defender’ and also ‘Spydoctor’ to see if that helps. so far so good , but I had the same thing before and after a week it began to lock up again. Auto updates would be nice , but I don’t mind manually updating every time I have to update my other manual updates.

When the same problem shows up again, try an uninstall followed by an install in SafeMode. Only than you can be sure no other ( security ) program is interfering on install.

Greetz, Red.

I’m running XP SP2 and have had BoClean on my unit for some time now with few problems with the exception of BoClean doing the same thing. Usually an ending in Task Manager and clicking on BoClean
in ‘Programs’ Comodo will correct the problem.
However the last two days my BoClean has turned green and has been running anywhere from 42% to 98% in my CPU.
I left it running that way last night when I went to bed and when I got up this morning at 7:00 a.m. the icon was still green and my CPU still doing the same. I killed it in Task Manager and came here to see if I could find anything.
It seems funny it has been fine all these months with only the occasionally glitch that was easy fixable and suddenly started acting up again. >:( :frowning: ???


Hi Yvsa :slight_smile:

The problem is in fact a bug in BOClean that can be triggered by other security programs. Kevin ( the developer of BOClean ) is aware of this problem, and it will be fixed together with other bugs in the next release :slight_smile:

But can you please try this :

  • Open the Windows Task Manager and shut down the BOC425.EXE process.

  • Open the Prefetch map ( C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch ) and delete the BOC425.EXE-whatever.pf file.

  • Reboot.

If that doesn’t help you try an uninstall and than install BOClean in SafeMode.

Greetz, Red.

Thanks Red, although I can get around a CP pretty well for an old fart, 67 and soon to be 68, I don’t know how to “- Open the Prefetch map ( C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch ) and delete the BOC425.EXE-whatever.pf file.”
If you can explain it to me I’ll be glad to try. :smiley:

First of all what Windows version do you have ? Prefetch is only build in XP and Vista, so if you have an earlier Windows version forget this solution.

Greetz, Red.

Sorry about that, you’d think I would know better by now. :-[ :wink:
I have XP SP2 and fully updated…

Ok here we go :

1 left click on Start.
2 left click on My Computer.
3 left click on “C” drive ( or the drive Windows is installed on ).
4 left click on the Windows folder.
5 left click on the Prefetch folder.
6 move the BOC425.EXE-whatever.pf file to Recycle-Bin ( “whatever” stands for any characters ).
7 close the window
8 reboot

Greetz, Red.

Greetings Red [ I bet you thought you had heard the last of me ]

Having uninstalled BO clean and then re-installing as per my previous post, my system has been fine for a few days on automatic update. however yesterday it again went green and froze up, so I again took off the automatic updates.

Will I be able to try your method as well, what does removing this file actually do , does it disable BO clean at all? or should I await the update.

Okaaaay, I did all of the above, twice, and still no glory. Boclean still does the same thing. I suppose I could do like overfifty and stop the auto updates or I could uninstall and then reinstall in Safe mode. Which would you suggest?

I have to be away from my PC for a while so it will be later today when I can get back to this…

Try an uninstall and than install BOClean in SafeMode.

Greetz, Red.

I left BOclean uninstalled overnight and this morning thought I would try it again so reinstalled it without going to the trouble of going to “Safe Mode” to see what would happen. So far, so good since then so we’ll see. It’s running like it had so long before without any problems. :smiley:


I uninstalled Bo clean and then went into safe mode to re-install, however, all i had was a black screen with safe mode in all corners and a few icons on the desktop, I had placed the install Bo clean on theh desktop prior to this so that I could find it , however I couldn’t find the Icon to install Bo clean so was unable to install it.

I then resorted to switching off Spyware Dr and Defender and reinstalled this way.

What I do find puzzling is that it will work fine for a few days [last time was about 10 days] then suddenly it starts to freeze up, yet when I turn off the auto updates , it works fine !!

Anyway , thanks for the suggestions and help .

Hey m8 :slight_smile:

In Safe Mode choose the Account with Administrator Rights you normaly use.

Greetz, Red.