Location of snapshots

I use an online backup service, Mozy.com, to preserve certain critical programs and data in the event of a crash, move to another PC, etc. In order to backup CTM’s snapshots, I need to ensure that its location is listed in Mozy. Where are the snapshots located? I looked in programs, but under the CTM heading, no indication of snapshots.

You cant find the snapshots as a file in windows, its made like that.

So, there is no way to backup snapshots? What about the option to “mount snapshot into NTFS directory”? What purpose does that serve?

This can be used if you need to recover individual files that are in a snapshot.

When used, it will read the nominatged snapshot and place the data recorded in it into a NTFS folder that can be read from within Windows.

Think of it as a temporary means of recovering individual files, rather than restoring a complete snapshot.

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yes, CTM is using what we call “raw sector” so u cant see them .
the mount snap open the files / dirs include in it , and yes it can be copy to other location

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…so in other words, you can probably mount the snapshot to an NTFS partition, and backup that partition to Mozy. Not sure if you can automate the process. It might have to be manually done each time.

So, even if we are using Comodo Time Machine, we should have another backup, correct?

Yes in case of disc failure.

Noticed an object (either file or directory) listed as . under root of drive c:\ . Windows Explorer, other file managers do not show it, only i.Disk (MemeCode). Object occupies 2.5 GB. Seems like prior CTM installation it was not listed by i.Disk.

Is it related somehow to CTM (snapshots)?

Not sure on the site it states…

The directory called '.' is the space used by files in the base directory you are scanning from.
So is it your swapfile?

And site is CTM homepage?

Maybe… that can be the case ??? : pagefile.sys occupies approx 1.5 GB and hiberfil.sys occupies approx 1 GB → 2.5 GB if counted together.

No the site from i.disk :wink:


i.Disk scans directory trees and displays the total space used by each directory in an easy to use form. You can drill down into the directorys to understand the layout of space. And when you want to clean up your disk there are same handy tools there to help. The directory called '.' is the space used by files in the base directory you are scanning from.

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It’s “outside” the reach of windows, you need disk tools to go and find it…

Hxd for example…