Localization of CPM

I’ve done the localization of CTM to Portuguese (Brazilian).
Right now I’m managing the further steps with Doskey.
He “released” me to work in other projects.

The problem is that I can’t install CPM version 1.0 build 17 and can’t “see” the interface and features.

I think I won’t be able to develop my translation work without it. It’s not comfortable to translate what you never used.

Does localization of CPM have any priority?
Can you schedule when I’ll be able to use CPM beta in my computer?

The problem described there is already fixed for the new release.The incoming version will be released soon and you will be able to run CPM on your real machine.
Regarding the Portuguese translation you can test it on a virtual machine. Send me a private message with your email address so I can send you the rc file for translation.

Thank you for your support,

Done :wink:

A new version (translated) send today. Hope you can release a beta to test it.

Hello at all,

I’d like to improve the Italian translation of Comodo Programs Manager. Could you send me the last Italian language file to edit it?

Many thanks!

Where I can find original .rc file to make Ukrainian translation of CPM? I am Ukrainian translator of CIS and CCE. I made full translation of .dll language file of CPM 1.2 build 106 and can send it to you. In few days I will have localization of CPM Beta.

updated russian translation :slight_smile:

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I have translated the language file in Greek and i am sending it to you.
I hope you include it in the next distributon.


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