Localhost connections?

Hi, finally, I guess comodo v3 is :BNC

Well, I only have one question for now.
How to make comodo watch localhost connections?

I have an extension for firefox wich communicates with another program via localhost connections.
Comodo does not ask me for anything, and there is no rules for that program.
However, the connections is established without any warning. I can see it connected in active connections in comodo too.

How to make it ask me for localhost connections?

Using on vista 32bit
AV: latest avast.

Thank you.

EDIT: Even in block all mode, these connections are allowed.

I tried that, no difference. Even windows firewall recognizes this, and comodo doesn’t (:AGY)

Hi amnews. You can create a global rule to allow and tick the box “Log as a firewall event if this rule is fired”.

Put as both the destination address and source address if you want to log both incoming and outgoing connections

And remember to move the localhost rule above the block rule or else the block rule will take priority.

This will log all localhost connections and still allow them.

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Well, yea, but I want comodo to ask me for any connection, also localhost.
Not just logging them. It should ask me. How?

And btw, it does not seem that it logs anything no matter what I do

Comodo does alert about localhost.

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I have to disagree…

Everything is turned on, still no alerts. Would you try the specific program for me?

Install the fingerfox extension in firefox.
Follow the guide to launch fingerfox, and then comodo should prompt.


I do not have a fingerprint reader.

Also it will not cause an alert because firefox is already a trusted application so anything firefox does will be allowed.

You don’t need the reader for it to work.
And yes, if it was inside firefox. But this extensions launches an external .exe file, which connects to firefox.


Is this a bug, or on purpose?
How to make it ask for internal connections? :THNK

Beside this “problem”: (V)