local sites

I want to use icedragon at work. But there are a few local sites that I need to access. On other browsers, those sites are in the exceptionslist in the proxy settings. In icedragon, I can only access those sites if I activate the proxy manually and don’t put them in the exceptionslist. During the install, I made sure that I didn’t select the securedns options.

Hope you can help.

edit: I can go to the sites if I use the ip address. So why isn’t icedragon using my default dns-servers? In about:config, comodo.securedns.enabled is set to false.

I’d be looking at the network settings for CID to properly interface with the enterprise LAN / WAN TCP/IP configuration; you definitely do NOT want to be by-passing any of that lest the Network or InfoSec Admins malign you unjustly at their weekly dinner parties for 10 with Brie, caviar appetizers and copious quantities of 1811 Château d’Yquem flow.

Access the configuration panel to implement the proper settings in Tools, Options, Advanced, Network. Connection, Settings.

I’m unclear why the URL’s aren’t being resolved in that DNS lookups are done internally, i.e., at the system level; your TCP/IP configuration for any network connection is fundamental in that aspect.

Perhaps simply running a standard SOCKS proxy either on the enterprise DNS server system or on a low-end spare system and have that system configured to use the alternate DNS server. Then you can configure Firefox to use that proxy instead of downloading pages directly; the actual DNS lookups will be done on the proxy machine and not on the machine that’s running the web browser.

Or, you could simply cut the screaming cat you’re trying to skin off at the knees by: Tools, Options->Advanced->Network->Settings->Automatic proxy configuration url and enter All your CID traffic uses the Google DNS now.

I don’t need to connect to the proxy acces internet. I 've disabled it on all my others browsers and with those I can access the local sites. No idea how using the google dns can resolve local sites. System settings are fine (I get my ip and dns from dhcp server).