Local network wont stay connected.

Well, after buying a new hard drive and starting with a clean slate, I decided to try V3 again. So far, pretty good. I have learned a lot and have much more to learn from what I see. Most things are working good, system speed is high and for the most part things are going smooth. The setup id this:
Dell XPS410
Intell 6600 processor
1- gig ram
2- 320 HDs
Windows XP, SP2 all update current
NOD 32 V3
Comodo V3
Spysweeper (Not sure whether I will keep this or not)

I have a local network on a Netgear router. I cannot connect to the other computers unless I turn off the Comodo. Once I connect, I can turn it back on. I am not sure that I fully understand the LAN setup.

I read and follwed ( I think) the instruction in the “help” section.

Any ideas.

BTW, it is only on the new machine and both settings at configuations are the same as far as softwas goes. I can go from one machine to the other but not visa versa.


Hi, you need to define a new trusted network from the stealth ports wizard. Then put the i.p of the remote computer allowed to access the new trusted network.


Well, I give up. V3 may very well be the best thing since sliced bread, but it won’t work for me and my computer, so I gave up and switched back to Kerio. I have used this up until last spring and had no problems and only switched to Comodo because of it’s good ratings. After my second try on a new clean hard drive, i cam this close to having to start all over and was saved only by going to a restore point 4 days earlier. It did mean two more days of work loading all the programs put in in the mean time. I’ll monitor this site to see how it goes, but with what I have on my computer and the amount it gets used, I can’t afford another disaster.