Local network certificate request : can it work with the 'free SSL' product ?

Hello to all, hope this isn’t to much of a stoopid question. :wink:
I recently gave comodo a CSR from our local network server to get a free-trail certificate for logging in to our server’s portal webpage.
The server is linux based, and has a local IP.
I filled in the CSR with ‘mylocaldomain.localdomain’ as the name of the server (btw I’m not sure 100% about adding the ‘.localdomain’ extension after the server’s name ? Am I doing that wrong ?)

Main question: Can I use the Free SSL offer by Comodo to test a local certificate ? (I know that local SSL certs are programmed to ‘die’ nov. 2015 but I will need a cert. in the meanwhile).

Hm… I’m still waiting for the free SSL order to be processed and I’m wondering whether I’ve done the right thing…
Thanks if anyone can help me see clear in these procedures, any comments are welcome.

Our FreeSSL certificates only work with publicly-accessible domains whereby we can demonstrate that you have reasonable control over said domain. We are unable to issue FreeSSL certificates to local IPs & private names at this time. If you need a such a certificate, you can purchase a 1 year IntranetSSL certificate from here: Sectigo