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I have switched from Zonealarm pro to Comodo Firewall Pro 2.4. However, now im experiencing some problems with my internet explorer 6.0. SOME websites loads very slow, for example, the citibank credit card account login almost doesn’t load at all. I tried turning off the firewall and that fixed the problem. Furthermore, on firefox, citibank website does load, but sometimes firefox fails at all. I didn’t have this kind of problem when i used zonealarm. And i can’t understand the nature of this problem. Is there a bug in the firewall?

Check the resource using please.
Open taskmanager and see if something is really using much cpf.exe or something

Tnx in advance


first of all i would erase anything in application monitor.

then i would reboot. on the reboot i would allow all windowsservices, but not permanent.

make sure not click “remember”. then go thre pages again, and again, dont click remember then just accept. (read popups close if theres might a SUB-button on that u need allow a DLL)

if so, just accept, not steady

if that works, report.

those are https sites … need special ports


PS: if that dont work, uncheck analyze protocol (intrusion detector // misceanellous).

i have in network monitor 2 ruleset for ip blocking for OUT and for IN, instead the basic one …

The resource is stable. I checked and everything is usually on 00. It doesn’t take up my resources at all. So that is not the case.

Stop. Look for instructions on how to completly remove Zone Alarm. Many users here report issues in this scenario, solved by removing the remains of Zone Alarm (the uninstall is… well… crap)

I have done like you said about removing all application monitor rules and readding, and it didn’t work. I also unchecked analyze protocol. The site still loads very slow in internet explorer with firewall turned on.

please read Pedros respond

As I think he is right

i had zalarm too once, but not that experience, sorry i havent guide that.


Can you guys find the link, because I have research and didn’t find much regarding it. I did remove some stuff from the registy.

try this

Manually Complete Remove ZAP

WARNING - Do NOT run the ZoneAlarm Uninstall program while in Safe Mode. The program may not be able to make the proper registry changes in Safe Mode, thus generating errors after a reboot.


To make sure that you can see the ZoneAlarm Plus/Pro system files, if they are still on your computer:
a. Right-click on Start, then left-click on Explore. When the Windows Explorer panel appears:

  • In Windows 95, 98: Click View>Options (in Windows 98, this will be called “Folder Options”). Click the “View” tab, then click the “Show all files” radio button.
  • In Windows ME, XP, 2000: Click Tools>Folder Options. Click the “View” tab, then click the “Show hidden files and folders” radio button.

b. Make sure you also UNcheck the box to “Hide Protected Operating System Files” if you have one.
c. When searching, be sure it searches ALL hidden files and folders.
d. Click OK.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Making modifications to system files may disable crucial functions of your Windows operating system. We strongly suggest re-enabling the “Hide files and folders” feature once all ZoneAlarm files have been removed.

Click on Start, then Search or Find, and select Files. Make sure that the location box is set to search your local hard drive (usually C :slight_smile: or All Local Drives.

Type the following exactly - delete any folders found:
“zone labs”
“Internet logs”

Type the following exactly - delete any files found in \Windows or any subfolder below it, or in your \Temp folder):


vsutil.dll (please right-click, Properties → Version to be sure it is a ZA file. Do NOT delete this file unless it is a Zone Labs file!)

Type the following exactly - delete any files found in any folder with “Programs” in the pathname):

“zonealarm pro”

Make sure your Recycle Bin is empty (right-click and select Empty).

NOTE: If you received an error message upon deleting the files, or if the original programs remain in the Programs list, or if the problem persists after this, removing the files in Safe Mode will allow you to delete the files properly. Click Start, Help, and search for “SAFE MODE” for information specific to your system.

Now you should be able to get a clean install of the new version. Be sure to NOT use the old settings as this can cause further difficulties if the database is corrupt.

Check here:



Okay… here is the story.

I removed all the zonealarm files that was on my computer and cleaned up the registry. Firefox works good and very quick but sometimes sites load slow on it too, unless I disable the firewall, then everything is just PERFECT. However, Internet Explorer 6.0 is acting up. Sometimes the pages don’t load, i have to refresh a couple of times before it shows up. The citibank page still loads very slowly. Sometimes other pages if it does loads, some icons are missing and stuff, so i have to refresh few times until everything is done. There is definitely some problem that I do not know how to fix. If someone will come up with the solution I would be really happy.


Can it be that under Security> Advanced> Advanced Attacks Detection and Prevention>Intrusion Detection> The TCP and UDP Traffic rate is set to 50 packets /20 seconds?

Maybe that effects the rate of loading and it sometimes blocks internet explorer?

I see your problem. You’re using INTERNET EXPLORER 6! ewwww. (:SAD)

Comodo should be compatible with all browers…

I know I was just being sarcastic. Using Internet Explorer 6 and 7 for that matter is extremely unsafe since it’s plauged with many security vulnerabilities and is a target for malware infection.

Here’s something to futher prove my point.


Use Firefox instead it’s a million times safer and is light years ahead of IE in terms of features and security…and it’s just a better browser overall.


I am full aware that this has nothing to do with your original question but I just have to point out that it is just too dangerous to use Internet Explorer especially while going to online banking sites as you have mentioned.

Not sure if i am correct but… Dosent IE 7 have addons to toughen it up? Just like FireFox Has addons Like NoScript (almost a a must have if you’re running Firefox)

I agree with you, Firefox is much safer browser, however, ie is dominating and most sites are made for ie compatiblity. Now my question is… why do the firewall makes some sites loads slowly, i still can’t figure it out…

Maybe it isnt the firewall? Maybe it is the servers the websites are being hosted on? Now i may be wrong but that’s just what i think

IF it was the servers, then disabling the firewall would not play a significant difference. However, everything is PERFECT when i disable the firewall at all, by shutting it down. All the sites loads very quickly, and there is no “traffic jam” and other errors, like page can’t be found and stuff.