Loading of Comodo at bootup [RESOLVED]

I’m new to Comodo. I have been using the firewall that comes with XP and have not encountered any problems that I was aware of. But… my computer is going to be doing a lot of traveling and will be logging onto a lot of other peoples/business/motels networks so thought maybe a ‘better’ firewall would be in order??

Anyway, I am noticing at boot up that Comodo seems to be “loading” last during bootup?? Is this something I should be concerned about? I say loading last because the icon in the lower right tray does not show up until EVERYTHING else has shown up. This includes my wifi icon and my gmail account icon which is going to the network to check for mail.

Is there a way for me to get the firewall to load first? if I need to??

Bob Bray

It is normal for the firewall to load last. That way the firewall can see the whole picture of your PC, running programs and do not interfere with System Bootup and Operation :slight_smile:
You made a great choice - Comodo is a powerfull application, that protects your PC much better than the built-in one. It’s highly recommended for the stationery computers too.

Welcome to the forums Bob ! :wink:

Hi Bob, Welcome to the Forums.

Don’t worry about the icon, You see, CFP 3 has 2 processes : cfp.exe & cmdagent.exe. cfp.exe is just the GUI (Graphical User Interface) & cmdagent.exe is the heart of CFP 3 (Service), Which will ALWAYS protect you first thing on boot up, Whether the icon shows first or not.

So my point is the core kernel services will always be there on boot up & ready first thing. :slight_smile:


thanks for the responses. :BNC
(:CLP)I’m happy to know that all is well when I boot up (:CLP)

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