Loading Comodo Firewall and AV at startup

I have Comodo Firewall Pro version and Comodo Anti virus version and neither of them will load automatically when I start my PC. I have un-installed and reinstalled them but still no good. Any suggestions? Windows security alerts tells me my PC is vulnerable and as a result I have to manually start them every time.

Hi and welcome,

Do you have any other security software on your PC? If so can you disable these and reinstalll CFP and CAVS as they may be blocking the addition of a startup entry for the programs.

Also, the latest CAVS is now version 2.0.11.* which is recommended to upgrade to (www.antivirus.comodo.com). Please remember this is still in beta like version 1.1 though.


Here’s a recent thread about CFP not starting up if the above procedures doesn’t work for you: