Load New Tab in Foreground

Version shows a change in the way that new tabs are handled. In the past, new tabs were either loaded in the foreground–which I consider the proper default behavior–or they at least allowed an extension to specify that behavior and did as told. With version that behavior has changed! Now, regardless of what extension is loaded or how it is set regarding tab loading–foreground, background or default–all new tabs are loaded in the background. ??? :frowning: >:(

I find this extremely annoying because it removes my freedom of choice and forces me to use up precious energy to make an extra keystroke or mouse movement. I say precious energy because I am disabled and I start off with less energy than a “normal” person. That means that every extra movement consumes the limited amount of energy that I have available to do my daily tasks–like feeding myself, etc.

Since this is a change from previous behavior and ignores extension input, I must consider this a bug! Please FIX this as soon as possible.

The problem I have with the tab coming on the foreground is the part where it takes over the new tab while I am doing things on the previous tab.

I understand that we all have our tastes.

Hmm…when I open a new tab it opens in the foreground, I don’t use any extension, so you might have one that is doing the background tab thing.

Thanks for reminding me to do the obvious, megamanx. I should have thought of checking for conflicting extensions first and I usually do remember to check things like that. After disabling several extensions and checking it out, I found that you are correct and it does work properly. Sorry for wasting time and space with this post. :-[

Let’s just call them “Rookie Mistakes.” Everyone happens to come across those, even me. 8)