Thought I’d check and see if there were any more ideas regarding my problems with your firewall and my thread is gone!

So, as I see it, you remove negative comments and experiences to make yourself look better. Glad I bailed when I did.

Are you a Republican?


We only remove posts that are offensive, spam or that are deemed illegal (infringement of copyright, etc…). Posts are not removed because they are merely “negative”.

When did you create the post & what was it about?

I did not remove your topic but can see why it was. You had refused to perhaps take a bit of time for troubleshooting and stated Comodo wasn’t worth your time and then logged out. Many of these are regarded as slamming and are not useful to the forum. If you actually need help and want to figure out this issue, it’s no problem as many are willing to help. But when a user posts such as you did, it doesn’t help anyone. If you browse through the forum you will see many negatives and all “still here” as bugs and issues are regarded highly as needed to build a better program for people. As well making statements like the republican statement and such is exactly the sort of thing that will get your posts deleted. Obviously you must have thought about this or you wouldn’t have posted back as you said you were done with it prior. That said…

If you need help and “truly” want to solve this issue, we are still here and will help. :wink:


Welcome back :wink: