"livePCsupport Component" high CPU usage

I am having aproblem with a component called “livePCsupport Component” that I believe is part of Comodo Internet Security.

It is using a large amount of CPU time. Basically Windows 10 reports it as 33% accross all cores, equivelent to over 100% on one core. This is obviously slowing my machine down and making the fans spin faster. It has been doing this for at least 18 minutes now. I first noticed this
issue yesterday. I have killed the process and attempted to disable it from starting.

Any ideas - this does not seem right…

O/S: Windows 10
Comodo version: (Updated today).


Hi djcaf,
If you do not require live support (GeekBuddy), this can be uninstalled from Windows ‘Programs and Features’ which should solve the issue.

Kind regards.

Dear djcaf,

Could you please kindly send us your system logs and/or screenshots regarding your problem reported below ?

Thank you very much for you feedback!

Kind Regards