Live Killswitch Demo by Melih

Hi Everyone

Melih Abdulhayoglu, Comodo CEO and chief security architect, will be presenting a LIVE webcast KillSwitch Demo direct from the RSA conference today.

Click the link below to watch the LIVE broadcast from RSA Conference 2011 in San Francisco, CA at 8:30pm EST / 5:30pm PST :

Can you post the video for those who missed it like me. :wink:

i dont understand the EST or PST hours
can you tell it on UTC?

UTC = EST + 5 hrs

Did not watch it live, but it was very nice to watch, especially at the end, I’m sure that some ‘rogue’ Comodo person put something in the drinks as it took effect at the end. joke >:-D

I’m too lazy/thick/vacuous to work out the UK time for when this was screened, hope to know so in future can tune in and stalk… I mean learn lol.

we will be doing more live streams today and tomorrow :slight_smile:

I will wave at you guys :slight_smile:

What are the UK times for this please Melih, and “a good old wave won’t do any harm”, maybe as your next speech, you should have some Doormen/Bouncers side by side, when you using the saying… This saying would be when you said, if your name is not down you are not coming in! A double visual representation?

And for another stunt in the future, like I stated on the website which streams this, you could get/hire or even use Comodo workers, to dress up as various Comodo protecting tools/components. “And DEFAULT DENY Norton’s Arse out of that building!”

oO(continues to laugh at myself proudly, hope someone else does too, not at me of course lol)Oo

You got told off for mucking around in front of the camera :SMLR

Right about here…

[attachment deleted by admin]

Maybe Melih, should use that for his profile pic, on the boards… mwahaha…!

The quality of the video/stream and sound is a bit :-TD
And can somebody ask the guy with the yellow/lightyellow shirt to get out of the way of the camera ;D

Any Videos links? Not live streams…

if you to to link… that is recording of the live stream, apart from when it comes on live, at the times stated.

this was fun…thanks for watching guys :slight_smile:


I tried to watch, but unfortunately, the internet connection speeds with sky are far from great. I couldn’t bare having to wait 5 minutes to watch 10 seconds of the video. :frowning: