Little Question

Is CIS setting good. Internet secuirty settings with real time on acssen ore somthing that. and sandbox in restricted. and whould that give me alot of FP ore alearts

If you don’t touch the heuristics the FP will be the same.

The heuristics is low as the stock settings is setted in

Just be aware that programs that are not known of comodo will not start. Could also try to have change internet security to proactive security (right click on CIS tray icon → config → proactive)

Valentin N

ok but i don’t want programs to be blocket. i want a good protection on the internet

Caution that enabling the Proactive configuration you will receive a bit more alerts.

Yes thats the problem, my dad use the comp and me. if he see any thing he would always ask me. so thats why i don’t want many aleart. but the settings that i wrote on my first tread. is those good

If you don’t install and uninstall things day, day out that won’t occur. I have on the highest settings and I have zero pop ups. so no need to worry :slight_smile:

ok, then i know the next thing to do big thanks to you all in COMODO

And valentin, tell me if there are any problems when using the program (Our message)

I will download it tomorrow and come back when I have some result. PM is for such question btw.