Liteon laptop charger tries to connect to internet ?

i use a laptop and a few other devices on my local wifi, all devices are known

but just got a warning from my network monitoring system from xfinity router monitoring app that is installed on my cell phone

“LiteonXX-xxxx has connected to your network…” but this is not the name of my laptop or other known devices


i looked in Device Manager (Start > Windows Admin Tools > Computer Management) but couldn’t find anything named LiteonXX-xxx

so i paused the unknown device connection by using the xfinity router monitoring phone app trying to track down the device, and guess what?, it blocked my laptop (which i’ve used a zillion times on this wifi) and which had the charger plugged in

so i did some searching and found a thread that seems to suggest that it might be the charger that is connecting:

does anyone know if a charger could secretly try to connect to wifi? would this be a new form of malware?