Linux Support


This is probably a question for the developers (maybe mod’s) but just wondering when Linux support will be added. I’m really looking forward to testing/using CTM but due to my computers dual booting with Linux, this isn’t possible yet :'(. Any “rough” dates?


CTM (Comodo Time Machine) Saves it’s data outside the reach of windows.
To prevent other OS’es overwriting this data it needs to be aware of this special place for CTM Data therefor it needs to be “installed” on other OS’es also.

If I have correctly understood, having 2 OS (Windows and Linux), it is necessary to establish CTM not only for Windows, but also to establish CTM and for Linux? Then where it is possible to download CTM for Linux?

Is it not possible just to enable CTM on the partition that you would like to restore? (i.e Windows partition). I’m not bothered about restoring Linux (I use other software for that).