Linux OS

I dont know much about Linux.

Dell Laptop
Win XP SP3
54 GB HardDisk
512 MB RAM

Can I install Linux on this system, Keeping XP/Removing XP both? Would I be able to reinstall XP again on this system after uninstalling Linux? This is a genuine XP i.e licenced.

Which Linux version is easy & best? Recommendation Plzz.
Portable Version?
Security Software FW, AM, Suite, etc?


The easiest version to learn about Linux for me is Linux Mint.

Important thing is to avoid LM 11 and use LM 10 or wait for LM 12(they are based on
Ubuntu and much more user frendly(audio codecs installed by default and plug-ins).
Thise are fixed releases and are not changed when updating.

Or you can use the LMDE(Linux Mint Debian edition) which is a rolling release.
It is based on Debian testing.

3. What is a rolling distribution?

LMDE constantly receives updates. Its ISO images are updated now and then but users do not require to re-install it on their systems.

  1. How does LMDE compare to the Ubuntu-based editions?

You don’t need to ever re-install the system. New versions of software and updates are continuously brought to you.
It’s faster and more responsive than Ubuntu-based editions.

Although it’s using Romeo for unstable packages, LMDE continuously changes as it receives updates and new software. Compared to a frozen version of Linux Mint which changes very little once it’s publicly released, it’s not as stable. Things are likely to break more often but fixes can also come quicker. For this reason, LMDE requires a deeper knowledge and experience with Linux, dpkg and APT.
Debian is a less user-friendly/desktop-ready base than Ubuntu. Expect some rough edges.

For more information please visit Home - Linux Mint they allso have
a forum and have community website .
For tutorials visit Linux Mint - Community .

Yes, although you may be pushing it with only 512mb ram (if using latest Gnome or KDE). Linux will co-exist with XP quite happily although you may run into problems installing the other way around.

Would I be able to reinstall XP again on this system after uninstalling Linux? This is a genuine XP i.e licenced.

Shouldn’t be a problem if your familiar with re-installing an OS.

Which Linux version is easy & best? Recommendation Plzz.

Personally, I would go with Ubuntu (Gnome) or Kubuntu (KDE) but as Leon Outside said, Linux Mint is also very user friendly (installing all codecs, plugins, etc by default). Also, take into account that Ubuntu/Kubuntu (possibly Mint) are updated every 6 months so a distro like LMDE may be preferable.

Portable Version?

Sorry, not aware of any but I guess some could be installed/run from a usb flash drive.

Security Software FW, AM, Suite, etc?

No need to worry too much about security as Linux is more secure than Windows. If you were to choose something, you could go with UFW (Ubuntu/Kubuntu) and then install GUFW (GUI for UFW) for a firewall.

Antivirus, maybe ClamTK but not really needed on Linux. I hear Comodo may be developing an antivirus for Ubuntu so thats an option too (when it’s available)


PCLinuxOS is also a rolling distribution. If update regularly, you’ll never have to download and install a new release. They do recommend if you haven’t updated for 6 months to just download and install the latest ISO.

+1 on Ubuntu, I think that is the most user friendly distro of linux to be honest.

I think Ubuntu is the best & most widely used version of Linux. I think will go with Ubuntu.

It can be updated/upgraded automatically?

512 MB RAM & 54 GB HardDisk is fine for Ubuntu?


Whack it on usb and play with it before choosing full install? or Live CD… give you more of an idea, I assume it should be fine as my old Medion 8800 with Pentium D runs just fine with it.

If you really want a Debian based distro I’d suggest looking at something with less in the way of system requirements than Ubuntu/Kbuntu. Staying with something built around Ubuntu, look at:


Another alternative would be a Slackware based distro such as:


Basically anything using Xfce or Lxde Desktop environment.

A good place to start is DistroWatch

There are so many versions & with weird names. I am getting quite confused.


Yes, although I would recommend doing a clean install (unless you have to upgrade automatically). In my experience, upgrading over the internet takes a long time (depending on your connection). Best way to install is via USB pen drive (■■■■ quick). Use UNetbootin to put ISO on USB flash drive.

512 MB RAM & 54 GB HardDisk is fine for Ubuntu?

54GB alone for Ubuntu is fine. I install Ubuntu/Kubuntu into 10GB partitions on my tablets. You could try 512MB but I would recommend 1GB.


Clean Install = Uninstall Previous Version?

So for every Upgrade, I have to Uninstall Previous.

Are the Upgrades huge in size?


No, run through the Ubuntu installer, format the partition and install.

Take note that this works for me as I don’t use the default home folder (i.e user area) and store my data on a seperate partition (which is accessible to Kubuntu also). Rather than upgrading over the internet, you could just run the upgrade from the new CD (I have never tried this though, prefering to do a clean install each time).

So for every Upgrade, I have to Uninstall Previous.

No, as above.

Are the Upgrades huge in size?

Sorry, I don’t know as I’ve always treated each new version of Ubuntu as a clean install.

Also (from experience), it’s a good idea to take an image of your installation (base or with applications installed) so if you do break something whilst learning, you can restore back.


On Ubuntu site, download shows 32 Bits recommended. Is 64 Bits not stable?

Can any one upload ubuntu installation file compressed with 7 zip. Its a huge file 700MB. On my internet connection its takes app 1 hour to download 100 MB.


Not tried 64bit version but going to later on my laptop. Am sure it’ll be fine, and not got time to help you with the whole compress… sorry. I’ve just downloaded both Mints, just short of 1.8GB in about 5 mins or less.


Burned Ubuntu latest on CD. Booted from the CD & clicked on Try Ubuntu & the desktop appeared. Clicked on Firefox & few things nothing happened.

I am planning to install it along side XP SP3. Few Questions -

The install will not remove anything from XP, right?
How much time it takes to install it?
I have 512 MB RAM, is it sufficient or I will face slowdown?
How to uninstall it? Will it feature in Add/Remove of XP & can be removed easily & fully from there?


Ubuntu is best choice. You are new to Linux, so better install the linux inside windows until you completely know how to use it.

At first, i installed the linux inside windows. afterwards, i become very big fan of linux. So i changed to Linux completely.

How can I install Ubuntu inside Windows with burned CD of Ubuntu?

I tried the following way-----

I explored the CD, Wubi was in it, ran Wubi, at the end of the install process it failed giving error.


Download Ubuntu 11.10(Latest version.)
and Download the Power ISO(virtual cd disk) software from here:

  • First install the power iso.
  • Then right click on the Ubuntu.iso and select mount image.
  • Now it will open the virtual cd.
  • You can find the wubi.exe file , double click it
  • Now select Install inside windows.

If you want to remove it, go to add or remove programs and uninstall ubuntu.

I downloaded Ubuntu latest 11.10 from Ubuntu official site which is 695 MB & burned it in a CD with CDBurner XP with the option Burn ISO Image - Allows you to burn ISO files to disc.

After burning completed successfully I explored the CD & ran Wubi & selected Install Inside Windows but at the end of the install progress it gives error to check log something like log245.


Thanxx a lot Bro, this worked. Currently I am posting from Ubuntu & guess I am liking it.

But its too slow.

I have 54 GB HardDisk & 512 MB RAM with XP Home 32 installed total occupying space 8 GB i.e 46 GB free space. Is the hardware requirement fine?

If I uninstall XP i.e format & install Ubuntu, will it run fine with the above specs?

Can I reinstall XP after formatting & uninstalling Ubuntu?