Links in emails in GMX fail.

Much as I love Comodo Dragon (it prevented me accessing a virus-laden attachment), I find it irritating that links in emails displayed in the popular mail collector simply open a new tab showing my GMX account.

Links in Hotmail are fine and links within GMX displayed by FireFox work fine but Comodo Dragon still seems to be a work in progress; even version 14.

Which raises another point.

Updating from to 14 via the ‘New Version’ notification produces an NSIS error (whatever NSIS is) reporting an installation failure.

I had to resort to the workaround detailed elsewhere on this forum by a user with no Comodo staffer in sight.

Are you sure that you guys had this ready for launch when you seem to be pre-occupied frantically fixing bugs and releasing newer versions?

C’mon guys, ■■■■ the rocks together.

You don’t by chance have the option to suppress the HTTP referrer header enabled do you? Options → Under the Hood → Privacy

This could cause that sort of behavior.

If that isn’t the case, this post explains the proper bug reporting format. How to Submit Bug Reports (read this if you want them fixed)

Well, whadya know?

That fixed it.

Which goes to show that the formalities of supplying irrelevant details is, in the main, irrelevant.

Thanks HeffeD

You’re welcome.

Not at all. The details are definitely necessary for a lot of error troubleshooting. This was just something easy to diagnose.