Link to Dragon version just previous to 55.0.2883.59 for some tests?

I’ve got an issue on 55.0.2883.59 that started up a week or 2 ago, where if I try to open more than 2-3 Facebook pages in tabs, they start locking up, giving a Wait/Kill popup minutes later. The only “fix” is to Kill, then Shift-reload one page at a time, read what I want, then continue to the next. If I shift-reload more than one, it’s back to a long pause before Wait/Kill, and all the Facebook tabs are useless. I have groups of bookmarks that have multiple FB tabs, and this is making loading them impossible. I’ve tried disabling any Extensions added within the last several months and it did not help, I’d rather not disable them all.

This only happens on Facebook, no other sites, so I’m sure it’s some interaction with a recent FB change. But I’d like to test with the previous version to be sure. I find it disappointing that Comodo makes no previous versions available on their site or through Chat. If I would have known this, I would have archived the last few versions, but sadly I did not, the only other version I can find on my systems is 36.x.

Does anyone have a link to the previous version?

This is the previous version in the link below with other versions. There is a few problems with using outdated version, some websites require version 55. Google Chrome 58 was recently released so comodo dragon is way outdated.

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser

Most websites that see that you have an ‘older’ browser will notify you but usually the functionality of the website stays intact. The message usually means the website was not tested for older versions so it cannot be guaranteed the website works as intended.\

I use Opera 12.18 classic and I laugh about such warnings. :wink: It scares off people needlessly.