Limited Unicode support?

CPU: 32 bit
Operating System: Windows XP SP3, 32 bit (Swedish)
Actively-running security: CIS
Specific symptoms of the bug, and steps you can take to reproduce it (step by step).
1: Try to enter my last name, which contains an é, in Tools, Options, Profiles. Apply. EasyVPN displays a warning: Please enter a valid ‘Last name’! Seems that any character beyond a–z or 0–9 is invalid. :frowning:
2: Try to open conversation history. EasyVPN says: Ett ogiltigt tecken påträffades i textinnehållet (An invalid character was found in text content).
Specific steps you have taken to try to resolve it. — :frowning:
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Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Also with EasyVPN

Hi JoWa:

    Unicode support is limited here in names, which should be not exists, it will supports unicode in Unite.

Hi Junhua,

Thanks. :slight_smile: Waiting for Unite… (:KWL) :THNK