Limit/control number of updates?

I used to use AVG, but when it allowed my computer to be hacked and my windows ERASED, I decided to go elsewhere, and as I had heard virtually nothing but praise for CIS, I decided this was the way to go.
So far, I have had an almost exemplary experience with it. It gives me great control and protection. However, that ALMOST is of note - I do have ONE problem: the updates.
While I have no problem with PERFORMING the update (its slowness is to be expected with only 256MB of RAM), the FREQUENCY of updates causes a nightmare for me, as as long as my computer is updating, it is virtually dead. If I could turn on my computer, update, and then go about my business for the rest of the day, it would be fine. But when my internet access is limited to 9 hours every other day (due to my job, the only place I have access), having to stop EIGHT OR NINE TIMES to wait 6-10 minutes for the updates, that are spaced out just enough to allow you to start doing something before it grinds to a halt, to conclude AGAIN grows increasingly wearing.
Can someone please tell me, is there ANY way to limit the number of updates CIS will perform in a 24-hour period, or even turn OFF automatic updates, as I would be fine with going in to do it myself each day. Other than this, I LOVE CIS, and would hate to allow this over-updating to wear on my nerves to the point that I would actually think about going to an inferior product that wouldn’t eat up all of my internet time.

Product - CIS Free Ed., fully updated (that’s the PROBLEM…)
Comp model - IBM Thinkpad, circa 2002
Processor - Pentium 4, 2.00 GHz
OS - Windows XP SP3, fully updated
RAM - 256MB

That’s all the relavent things that I could find in My Computer->Properties. I have no clue if it’s 32 or 64 bit, but judging by how SLOWLY my computer does EVERYTHING, I’d say 32 just to be safe.

Go to the real-time scanner settings and untick the option to check for updates before scanning. Leave it ticked on your scheduled scan so you’ll know you’re up to date when it runs.

Thank you very much! With how user-friendly it tends to be, I figured there woud HAVE to be something, somewhere that I could do to stop it, but I honestly just didn’t know where to look. Since it specifies ‘before scanning’, I wouldn’t have thought that it would do it, but I have just unticked it and will report back if the problem continues, which I do not forsee it doing. Thanks again!

No problem. :slight_smile:

And if you want to schedule an update, you can do a bit of a workaround as well. Just set up a dummy scan that scans a .txt file or something small so the scan is basically instant. Then set up a scheduled scan to run that scan. You could set it up for your lunch hour or something, so you’d be sure you have pretty current virus definitions, but you wouldn’t need to sit and wait for the your computer to become usable again while it updates.