Limit access to files/folders only into application folder

Hi, how can I create a policy which gives access to files and folders only into application folder?

I have an app in this position C:\test\app.exe
Inside this folder I have some files and subfolders.

I apply this policy to this app.exe and it can only access to files and folders in C:\test\

How can I make this?
Thank you very much

Please be careful when you are in the Groups screen not to remove any groups.

Go to Defense+ \ Computer Security Policy \ Protected files and folders tab

Click Groups then click Add \ A New Group, type your group name (App-Exe) click apply

Scroll to bottom, right click on Add files here, click add type (path you wish) were it says Add new item click + at the end then apply \ apply \ OK

Now add this group to Protected Files and Folders you now have your protected file path click OK again.

Sorry you have go out of Computer Security Policy each time or the rule is not saved.

Go to Defence+ Rules add access to the file group (App-Exe) for the process you wish to have access.

Then go to All Applications and add this File Group (App-Exe) to Blocked Files/Folders please make sure your application rule is above the All Applications rule click OK again.


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